Over the years, the number of persons on the autism spectrum the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) served has increased. Some of them are now adults. To continue to create more job opportunities for those not in open employment, ARC(S) entered the space of social enterprises with the setting up of The Art Faculty Ltd and Prof Brawn Ltd.

Besides creating job opportunities, ARC(S) hopes to promote the abilities and special talents of persons on the autism spectrum through these social enterprises.

The Art Faculty (TAF) is a social enterprise that supports inclusion and celebrates the abilities of persons on the autism spectrum. TAF showcases the special talents and retails art pieces and merchandise created by talented individuals on the autism spectrum. The artists from the Artist Development Programme (ADP) not only earn royalties from the sale of their artworks and merchandise but also learn about the value and dignity of work and financial independence.

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Professor Brawn is a Food and Beverage social enterprise operated by ARC(S). Its mission is to provide affordable good food served by an inclusive workforce comprising people of different abilities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.

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